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Fountain Gallery

Water features range from backyard fountains to corporate showpieces and from natural garden ponds to abstract lobby fountains. We design custom fountains one at a time to create truly unique beautiful water features for our clients. The Fountain gallery offers project ideas that can be complete in themselves, or provide a starting point towards what you ultimately have in mind. Each of these projects can easily be scaled up or down depending on your needs.

Memorial Fountain

Memorial Fountain

Hospital Fountain

Fountain Statuary

Architectural Fountain

Foam Jets With Lights

Honeywell Foundation

Fountain Pond Statuary

Bronze Statuary

Bronze Statuary

Daniel Boone Fountain

Bolder With Foam Jets

Gateway Monument

Gateway Monument

Bronze Fountain Statuary

Fountain Pond Statuary

Firefighter Monument


Fireman Fountain


Brass Dolphin Fountain

Dolphin Statue Fountain

Anderson Library

Anderson Library

Veterans Memorial

Voice of America

Rising Sun Indiana

Fountain Sculpture


We can provide a full range of timer, photoelectric, wind, and computer based controls, allowing "well behaved" operation and programmed water control as well as water and color blending. With the largest selection of fountain components in Indiana and its surrounding states, and a staff of knowledgeable sales people, Royal Fountains has the right materials and experience to make your project a success.

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